Supercars are powerful and require a lot of skill and ability to drive. They command respect as they have been designed to perform on track and are not designed to react as normal daily drivers do. Unfortunately the owner of a very special Ferrari found this out the wrong way.

The wreckage you see photographed are the mangled and twisted remains of the hardcore Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The car is a stripped out hardened version of the standard 430 and was known for its brutal power and track honed finesse. The Scuderia is a mechanical masterpiece and was a step-up from the standard 430. It is 220lb lighter and is 22hp more powerful bringing the total to 508hp. The numbers only tell half of the story. This car is such an icon not only for raw pace but as an experience as a whole. It is organic and pure.

The driver piloting the Scuderia, that was being driven in damp conditions, lost control on the highway before smashing into a Mercedes SLS and finally a guard rail before coming to rest in the middle of the road. The cars were travelling in convoy during a GT tour that is part of the Grand Prix du Zoute in Belgium. Fortunately no one was hurt, the Scuderia however, suffered badly.


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