The first generation Lamborghini Gallardo came with a 5-liter V10 that was an absolute peach of an engine, it howled and burbled and caused goosebumps to form on your skin when pushed into the upper-rev range. The 2004 model produced 492hp and went from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. Not bad considering this was Lamborghini’s base model, it bigger brother, the V12 Murcielago, did it’s best to steal the show, but the Gallardo did, and still does, sell very well indeed.

The problem is that the 2004 model seems very datet, it is almost a decade old and the later Gallardo’s have much larger power outputs and are a lot quicker. Not to be outdone or seem outdated, the owner of the yellow Gallardo you see pictured took his car to Dallas Performance. The tuners fitted a Stage 1 Twin-Turbo kit to the car and the owner left the workshop smiling with glee and excitement knowing that his car now produced around 800hp. One would think that would normally have fulfilled their desire and lust for power when cruising around with such a substantial amount of power. However, Billy, the owner, was hooked and wanted MORE!

Another trip was made to Dallas Performance. Fit the Stage 2 Twin-Turbo system? Nope straight to Stage 3! Once the system was fitted a few additional touches were made and the humble 2004, 492hp Gallardo, was making north of 1200hp! One of those touches was the job of converting it over from an automatic e-gear setup to a 6-speed manual, no easy task but once the job was complete Billy had satisfied his power craving…for now!

This is not the first Gallardo that Dallas Performace have built to produce over 1000hp. The company worked on a stunning Verdi Ithaca car that produced 1050hp using their Stage 2 TT package!

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