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Mazda Furai Destroyed by Top Gear

Mazda Furai Destroyed by Top Gear

Mazda Furai Destroyed by Top Gear

It almost goes without saying that the Mazda Furai is one of the most insane concept racing cars ever produced. First released in late 2007, the Mazda Furai was the last of the Mazda Nagare line of concept cars.

Under the hood, the Mazda Furai features a 3 rotor engine producing a total of 450hp which is mated to an X-trac 6-speed semi-automatic transmission. Ever since its debut, the Furai has appeared all around the world but unfortunately its days of trekking around the world are over.

While testing some of the world’s greatest cars as part of the 20th anniversary edition of Top Gear Magazine, the Mazda Furai Top Gear was driving suddenly burst into fire and before long was completely destroyed!

Top Gear said, “Forgive us, for we have sinned. Top Gear is responsible for the untimely demise of the quite remarkable Mazda Furai Concept, and we’re very, very sorry. Find out how (if that picture hasn’t clued you in…) in our bumper anniversary issue, and try not to hate us too much.”


  1. I hate the clowns at Top Gear and the Mazda Furai is easily my favorite concept car of all time.
    I'm really surprised they haven't had lawsuits flung at them that has made the show close up….I really am.

  2. James, Top gear has insurance to cover any accidents. Not only that but the Mazda F.G Team were the ones who failed to use the correct fuel which led the the fire. Top gear is taking advantage of this sad situation to boost sales. They do still take a hit from this and dont forget, Mazda (Hopefully) hasn't finished with Wankel's yet

  3. Hey clown, Top Gear Magazine, not Top Gear TV show, it might not be Jeremy, James and Richard testing the car, there are other columnist too. Why dont we let the expert investigate what really happened before we make any conclusion. The car does not look like someone had crashed it, it might burst into flame due to engine overheat or whatever. It might be Mazda's fault, not Top Gear

  4. There's the very real possibility that they themselves did nothing wrong. A car like this could have a billion possible ways of failing spectacularly that might be completely undetectable (or at least very hard to detect).

  5. That was a wild 2008 Mazda I have a 2008 NC but not roto 3 motor or body man I have to see how much they pushed it to go up in smoke.I do like Top Gear and the old one in the UK on BBC I use to watch the old one for years on SATT.So I will try to find the video that what happened that body would look way cool on my street car.


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