Having just released a short teaser of their new i8 prototype, the last thing we expected was for official pictures of the BMW i8 to leak so far ahead of its Frankfurt debut.

The photos, which were sourced by Autoblog Deutschland, give us the first glimpse of what to expect from the production version of the i8. The leaked photos come to us a full week ahead of the official debut date of September 10th.

While we eagerly await the public debut next week, the three photos that have been “leaked” don’t give us nearly as good a look at the car as we had hoped. The side profile shows off the beautifully designed doors as well as the sporty, low seating position. But without a front or rear 3/4 view, it really is hard to say just how good or bad the car looks.

The interior seems pretty standard for current generation BMWs. None of that overstyled madness that we have seen in BMW concepts of old. The chassis shot finally lets us see the engineering work behind the gasoline-electric system. Remember that the i8 will be powered by both a 3-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor. Power will be in the 360 horsepower range about 60% of that power being produced by the gasoline engine.

We will bring you more news of the i8 when it is officially released on September 10th.

[Via: Autoblog DE]

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