Bugatti Veyron Crash New York City

We received word of a slight fender bender (or fender goring) that happened recently in New York City via RealMCR12 toady. The photo looks as though it was uploaded onto instagram recently. It reveals a Saudi Arabian Bugatti Veyron on the streets of New York City with damage to the front fender following a collision with a truck. We’re not sure if the photo reveals both parties to the accident, however, the presence of the Police man suggests that the photo was taken almost immediately after the accident.

We don’t have any further details, however, if as our source tells us, the truck driver is to blame then the sheer cost of such a minor accident isn’t likely to earn him (or her) any favours with their insurance company!

If you ave any further details on this then please do feel free to contact us!


  1. So if some showoff wanted to drive around in a gold plated car, a truck driver would have to sell his soul if he gets into a minor fender bender? Honestly, what fool drives a car like this in Manhattan? It's like riding around with the mona lisa on the back of a bicycle. Accidents happen, the truck driver shouldn't be held accountable beyond a certain amount.


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