Only 500 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione coupés were produced over the course of a three year production window. Many of these became immediate collectors items. The reasons for this are clear. Just look at it! The 8C doesn’t possess looks that jerk necks and draw cameras everywhere they are seen. The Ferrari derived V8, the same that was found in the F430, produces 444hp and 350lb-ft of torque resulting in a 0-60mph time of a swift 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 181mph.

These figures are somewhat irrelevant though, it could handle and drive like an elephant but still no one would care because the 8C is a thing of beauty! The design is not just purely aesthetic either, the smooth curves and haunches are sculpted to allow air to flow cleanly over the cars body. The mid-engined layout has been adopted to aid handling and balance, the perfect marriage of form and function. The sound that the Ferrari built engine produces is nothing short of what you would expect from the Italians either, howling and popping as it car attacks its 7500rpm redline.

This spectacular rig shot was taken by GFWilliams, and captures a stunning black 8C blasting through an Autumn Woodland.

To see more photos of the 8C and other work from GFWilliams take a look at his Facebook page.

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