BMW 8-Series Denied - For Now At Least

Ever since BMW released the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé, speculation has been circulating about whether or not BMW has been planning a brand new BMW 8-Series. As a matter of fact, even renderings depicting a possible BMW 8-Series have been created. However, BMW officials have quelled the rumour mill confirming that no such car is currently on the table.

Fortunately, BMW’s Research & Development chief Herbert Diess did state that there’s still a possibility of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé going into production but that no such thing will happen soon. “The Gran Lusso concept was very well received. We’re looking into the possibility of production, but a decision is still a way off,” he said.

The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé features traditional BMW styling cues – a long wheelbase, stretched bonnet and set-back greenhouse-style cabin. It also has the same cutting edge technology you’d expect to find in a production BMW Coupé. The clean Pininfarina lines are definitely present though and lend a certain elegance to the long BMW shape.

Under the bonnet and behind the trademark BMW kidney grilles is a V12 engine. The flat headlights underline the road-focused look. They get a set of LED’s which have been incorporated to showcase the technology.
The 21-inch wheels are bespoke and designed specifically for this concept. On the outside the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé features an exclusive colour while the inside benefits from exclusive leathers and woods including kauri wood.

[Via Autocar]

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