What do you get when over 200 supercars have to merge into one lane? A huge loud chaos and the worlds most expensive traffic jam! Yesterday on the way to Wilton House 2013 we witnessed this incredible traffic jam with merely supercars. Among them rare exotics including four Pagani Zondas, three Ferrari Enzos, two Bugatti Veyrons, a Gumpert Apollo.

The location of the jam was the Wroughton Airfield in England. Over 200 supercars gathered here as part of the drive to Wilton, at the airfield a mini-Vmax event was setup for the participating cars to race against other supercar owners. Everything from a Twisted Defender vs a monster pickup to Enzo vs Enzo and Veyron vs Jaguar raced down the runway.

After the event everybody gathered again at the temporary parking lot before heading off to Wilton House. Since the road in and out of the former RAF base is only one lane all cars had to merge creating this unique spectacle in the meantime! We can only guess how much all cars in this traffic jam were worth, but there were at least 50 million USD worth of exotics revving their way through this extraordinary traffic.

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