Report: Jaguar SUV to Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show 2013

The luxury SUV market is set for another shakeup not long after Bentley gave the go-ahead to its SUV. The latest player to this booming segment is reportedly Jaguar, at least according to new reports.

Purportedly dubbed the Jaguar XQ or Jaguar Q-type, the new Jaguar SUV is said to make its world debut at the upcoming IAA Frankfurt Auto Show 2013. However, it’s not yet known whether that Jaguar SUV display car will be the production-ready car or simply a concept car. Nevertheless, thanks to Jaguars affiliation with Land Rover, numerous technologies are set to be shared between the pair.

To start with, the Jaguar SUV is expected to arrive with similar engines as those found in the Range Rover Evoque. Furthermore, the Jaguar SUV would then likely be topped out with a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine currently being used in various Jaguar products. To further cut down on manufacturing and production costs while also helping to keep the price down, the Jaguar SUV is also expected to share the same aluminium platform as the upcoming Jaguar XS baby-sedan which is a modified version of the platform found in the Jaguar XJ.

No official announcement has been given regarding the Jaguar SUV, but expect to hear more information soon!

[Via Autoweek]

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