Overkill: Orange Lamborghini Aventador Replica Spotted in the U.S

Yet another horrible Lamborghini Aventador replica has been spotted with this latest example being seen in the United States and finished in a bright shade of orange.

This particular Lamborghini Aventador replica looks very similar to ones we’ve come across in Asia before with the biggest giveaway of its false identity are terrible proportions and inaccurate body shape. What’s more, this Lamborghini Aventador replica constructed by Z and M Customs features body panels so far off from the real thing, that it’s truly comical.

Overkill: Orange Lamborghini Aventador Replica Spotted in the U.S

The only thing which looks semi-genuine is the Lamborghini logo on the rear and the Lamborghini Gallardo wheels but they could very well be replicas as well. The one redeeming feature of this Lamborghini Aventador replica is its LS1 engine producing 400hp and mated to either an automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission.



  1. You guys judge too much. Why is it so bad? Just because it doesn't look like a clone? I think this person did an excellent job creating an original tribute to a vehicle he obviously admires. If I didn't know what a normal Aventador looked like, I would say this is a fantastic looking car that looks like it was made in a factory and not in someone's garage.

  2. This car is truly an eyecatcher. No it doesn’t look identical but someone put alot of time and effort to produce this car and if you could see it in person, you would agree. Everyone is just sad that they couldnt do anything like this, and make it look this good.


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