Caterham-Alpine Sports car to Cost £35k

The upcoming Renault-Caterham sports car set for a market debut late next year, is set to cost £35,000 in base specification as it aims to top the premium sports car market currently dominated by the Porsche Cayman.

In Caterham’s preparation for the launch of its new jointly-developed sports car, it hopes to fill the market gap left by Lotus and plans on selling 3,000 units annually with a clear focus on the female market. It’s previously been confirmed that the Caterham and Alpine variants of the sports car will look completely different from each other, but they are expected to share up to 70% of their parts with each other.

After recently rejecting a 2.0-liter engine proposed by Renault, Caterham is apparently looking into developing a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing around 300hp for the new sports car. What’s more, thanks to Renault’s Formula One expertise, an advanced KERS system could also be present in the Renault-Caterham sport car.

It’s believed that the Renault-Caterham sports car will make its production debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 in March next year and is set to be followed by GT and Speed versions in 2015. By comparison, the Renault-Alpine sports car will cost around £50,000 thus meaning it’ll feature a significantly more powerful four-cylinder engine.

[Via Autocar]

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