Michael Bay has unveiled what he terms as “the final jewel in the Transformers 4 crown”. It’s the 6th Generation Concept Camaro which should appear in the 2014 Transformers 4 film. He has confirmed that it will take on the role for Bumblebee.

This contradicts earlier reports showing that the role of Bumblebee will be played by a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. But this may not be a contradiction as such, thinking in the “movie-way” they might as well do what they did in the first installment of the film. Introduce the older Bumblebee and replace it sometime later in the film.

The new images that Bay revealed show a futuristic look of the 6th Gen Camaro which has only appeared in spyshots in the past. Just like the 2015 Ford Mustang, a sharp looking front end with modernistic LED array and all sorts of fancy styling that one would imagine in a concept car. For the movie, this is a great car, for production- not the best shape!

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