Gumball 3000 2013

This year will mark the Gumball 3000’s 15th Anniversary. We’ve been following it from day one pretty much, so for 2013, we will do the same thing we do every year, provide you with all the details! Hopefully the complete rundown on the Gumball 3000 2013 route will allow you pick a prime location to view the cars. Don’t forget to share you clips over at our facebook page and on our forums too!

The 2013 event starts in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday 19 May 2013 and works its way steadily east before crossing south to the finish line in Monte Carlo. As with previous events, participants will be able to watch the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix after finishing the gruelling 2013 rally.


Cars are gathering already in Copenhagen. The 2013 Entry grid looks better than ever before with a range of interesting vehicles slated to appear. Among the more sedate supercars, Team Galag’s custom Batman Tumbler and bespoke TG1 supercar build stand out as clear favourites. Jon Olsson will also be taking his Rebellion R2k custom built lightweight racer.

We’re told to expect cars as diverse as the Bugatti Veyron and the Romero Ferris Fiat 500. The idea behind the starting grid this year is that participants pledge money in an online auction which then determines the position they have on the starting grid. The more money you raise, the further towards the front. Of course, all donations will go towards charity.

The cars will go on display outside city hall in Copenhagen on the night of Saturday 18 May 2013 ready for the start on Sunday 19 May 2013.

Agrandir le plan

Day 1

There is some ambiguity about the start time this year. Gumball’s official facebook page stated that the start time would be 08.00AM on SUnday 19 May 2013, however, numerous other sources suggest a 10AM or even 12AM time is more likely. We suggest getting to City Hall, Copenhagen extra early if you want to make sure you see the event.

This year, the Cuban Brothers will drop the start flag. With over 100 cars on display, the official start should be incredible!

From Copenhagen, the cars will drive to Koenigsegg Automotive across the border in Angelholm, Sweden. Here, the Gumballers will receive a light lunch before heading back on to the highway. The second checkpoint of the day will be at The Royal Palace – Kungliga Slottet in Stockholm. Cars will be on display into the evening at Kings Palace in the centre of Stockholm thanks to Betsafe.

However, a ferry crossing is booked later in the day, so Gumballers must then make it to Vartahamnen Port, boarding a ferry to Turku in Finland. This marks the end of a busy first day.

Gumball 3000 2013 Batman Tumbler

Day 2

On Monday, following the previous night’s party and ferry crossing, Gumballers will stop by the Kamppi Shopping Centre at around 9AM. Those lucky enough to attend this section will be treated to a snowy stunt display hosted by Battery Engery Drinks.

Next stop is Premier Park near Porvoo, Finland for a short session on the track. The next stop is St Isaac’s Square, Saint Petersburg. Gumballers will stay at the W Hotel and will get a police convoy once they reach the Russian boarder.

Day 3

On Tuesday, Gumballers depart Saint Petersburg for Town hall square, Tallinn, Estonia. The route will then take them to the Radisson Blu Elizabete hotel in Riga, Latvia. Expect exquisite food at the Biblioteka and then party hard at Coyote Fly.

Day 4

Departing Riga with a 9am start, Wednesday’s first checkpoint is Vilnius city centre in Lithuania. Cars will be on display in the Town Centre before heading off to the overnight stay in Pilsudski Square, Warsaw, Poland. Here, Tony Hawk will give a skate display along with special guests!

Gumball 3000 2013

Day 5

Thursday will see another Polish checkpoint with Gumballers hitting the Engineering Museum of Krakow by early afternoon. Vienna, Austria will be the overnight stop with cars on display at the Austrian Parliament building. Thursday’s party will take place in the legendary Volksgarten club.

Day 6

Friday will be the final day of Gumball 3000 2013. Setting off from Vienna, the cars will travel to an Italian checkpoint at the Hotel Byblos in Verona. They should arrive by late afternoon. Setting off to Casino Square, Monaco for the chequered flag during the evening.

Team Galag

Day 7

Saturday will be a day of leisure, taking in the F1 practice sessions, qualifying and generally preparing for the afternoon party. This year, the awards ceremony will take place at the Amber Lounge club in Monaco.

Day 8

Gumballers will be able to nurse their hangovers on Sunday with the sound of Formula 1. Gumball 3000 2013 will officially draw to a close alongside the Monaco Grand Prix 2013. Gumballers will view the wolds most glamorous race from the Fairmount Hotel Roof Terrace.

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