Render: Tesla Model S Coupe by Theophilus Chin

Although many people still remain sceptical about the longevity of the electric sports car market, cars such as the Tesla Model S are currently booming in popularity and the latest rendering by Theophilus Chin could preview a possible new Tesla Model S variant.

We’ve featured Chin’s work here on GTspirit numerous times before and his latest creation depicts a stunning Tesla Model S Coupe which certainly isn’t out of the range of possibility of being produced.

Render: Tesla Model S Coupe by Theophilus Chin

It’s already been confirmed that Tesla is working on a new Model X SUV and an updated version of the Tesla Roadster, so simply removing two doors from the current Tesla Model S and obviously modifying the exterior and interior somewhat could definitely be something Tesla is considering.

Until any such car is either denied or confirmed for production, we at least have the following images to smile over!

[Via Theophilus Chin]


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