Porsche Carrera GT Drifts Crazy

You may remember a video we showed you of Illicit Supercar Action on the streets of Brasil, well, the action continues this time with a Porsche Carrera GT. For those who have experienced the wrath of the Porsche Carrera GT up close, you are aware that this car could scream loud enough to put you into temporary deafness!

In this video from the same group (Exclusivos no Brasil) who showed us the Ferrari Day and Brasil Supercar Collection, we now see a white Porsche Carrera GT drifting on the streets with other cars present on a mild traffic build up. The car is loud and wild doing all sorts of things that cars of its DNA like to do when let loose.

Just a recap, the Porsche Carrera GT is powered by a 5.7 liter V10 engine good for a 612hp and a naught to 100km/h time of 3.9 seconds. The top speed is 330km/h. At the time of production the 1,270 cars made cost $448,000, this price may be higher today depending on the dealer or seller.

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  1. Also, look at the first part of the third angle in the video. Notice the car slides on the bumper for like a meter…

  2. Unfortunately (well, maybe not) this is Brazil. If that happened in the US or Canada, for example, police would have been traced the owner and charged him, but not in Brazil. And it is super easy to find this car: a rare and expensive model, white color, in São Paulo: I'm 100% sure there is no more than two. This is most probably the only one.

    • mimimimi There are more than 5 CGT here.
      And as you say, on another country, the only thing that would happen would be: Another video. Search on youtube: Pagani Zonda Drift London, London Supercars, Mullholland cars and some other tags.
      Then you will see that isn't only here that is happens, so don't be hypocrite.


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