Gallery Supercars of Monte Carlo by Imor Domijan Part 2

This is a second gallery and a follow up of the Supercars of Monte Carlo by Igor Domijan. Our visit to the Top Marques Monaco 2013 was accompanied by lots of other shots that we spotted in the exotic-in-cars metropolitan area of Monte Carlo. The cars were spotted randomly at different places, and just like any other hot spot of exotic cars, a serene view always comes into play.

Tuners largely graced the event from all over the world but it’s Germany-based tuners who took it all to the streets largely with Prior Design showing various cars, Techart and DMC also give us the memorable scenes. The cars ranged from the electric blue XXX Performance Audi R8, to Pagani Zonda S roadster, Ferrari F12, Mansory Stallone, Porsche Panamera, Aston Martins, Alfa Romeos and so much more!

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