Gumpert Apollo S

Although its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 may have suggested otherwise, Gumpert has been under serious pressure as of late to remain profitable and whether or not the company would survive past last November was questionably with a dark cloud hovering over the small supercar maker.

Fortunately however, Gumpert’s foreseeable future has been assured thanks to a recent collaboration with a new investor and as a result, Gumpert is now planning to introduce more models as the years past.

At the moment, Gumpert only produces the Gumpert Apollo and has previewed one concept car with the Tornante, but that could be about to change at an upcoming “major trade show” where the first in an array of new models could be previewed.

Company founder and CEO Roland Gumpert said, “Our distribution and dealer networks are being expanded worldwide and sister models will soon be added to the Apollo.”

[Via Motor Authority]

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