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Gumpert Files for Insolvency

German supercar manufacturer, Gumpert announced today that it filed for Insolvency after plans to increase sales in China proved too ambitious. The Altenberg company filed with the local court in Gera who appointed Mr Gorge Scheid as the insolvency administrator. Preliminary talks with the company’s thirty employees have given positive results and Mr Scheid considers the company to be recoverable.

The company was founded in January 2004 by Roland Gumpert, former Director of Audi Sport. The company produced just one model during in this time, the Gumpert Apollo. The idea behind the car was for it to be a street-legal car, ready for the race track. The car was eventually realised thanks to Audi and Roland Meyer, owner of MTM.

The first Gumpert Apollo entered production in October 2005 and in 2008, set a new lap record of 1.17.1 at the Top Gear test circuit. The Apollo featured a 4.2 liter V8 engine with 650hp in a frame that weighs just 1,100kg. 0-100km/h is possible in just 3.1 seconds, 200km/h in 9.1 seconds and with a top speed of 360.4km/h. Other version include the ‘Sport’ with 700hp, and the ‘Race’ with 800hp.

Hopefully the company can be rearranged and fixed!


  1. This is truly tragic ! Sure the cars were ugly as sin . But brother did they ever perform when you stuck your foot into one . I can’t say I’m totally surprised by this news as I’ve never quite comprehended who was buying these cars . But magnificent madness cars they were . Inglorious might even be appropriate .

    So …. I’m not surprised . But I am quite disappointed and sad to hear this

    @ Pit – Grow up and get a clue sonny boy . I’m not taking the bait so give it up . And err…. do learn a thing or two about expressing yourself properly in the English language if you would . ESL perhaps ? You give away your hand before anyones had the chance to call you out with your present linguistic skills … or lack thereof

  2. @ Pit

    Oh dear me young man . I’ve forgotten my manners . You only asking a simple question and my answering so bluntly and harsh

    Here’s what business I’m in junior . I’m in the Business of Not doing Business with pathetic little vaporware trendy chav hipster wanna be twenty somethings ( if that old ) barely out of diapers deluding themselves into thinking they’ve the stones to deal with the likes of myself .

    Thats what business I’m in . No go bother someone who thinks you might actually matter before your mommy decides to take your laptop/ iPad away

    And in future … please do try and express yourself in complete words- phrases and sentences rather than your pathetic and inane trendy abbreviations and stilted structure . If not for yourself … then out of respect for those having to read your vaporware fertilizer

    FYI : As to your most recent attempt at baiting me . Don’t you think I assume there’s some sort of moderation going on here so’s not to overstep the bounds of reasonable taste in my responding to your tripe ?

  3. Now – May we please get back on subject and see a few comments on the demise of what was a great . albeit not entirely popular SuperCar .

  4. @GS, Just pull’n ya leg man, if can’t handle it just say so, it’s a height of business thing, which obviously you are not in/at!…

    and agree my linguistic skills english grammer etc skills are that not of a high coperate secetary ;)..

    They dont need to be or do i want them to be at this stage of my development of the minds/universes workings…

    Sorry i seemed to have upset you, and i obviously touched a soft spot an area that is senative to you, next time you tell someone they cannot afford your time, do your homework, you have not been trained in/at the height of the buso world.

    good luck to ya man ;)…

  5. @ Pit : try heading on over to Jalopnik and posting up there. See what comes back when you add your comments. That’ll cut your teeth and improve commenting in written English ….. And / or it will not and you’ll experience a harsh but amusing verbal battering

    As for the Gumpert : shame it’s likely to go but stacking all your chips on china never a good thing. Sure certain chinese can afford to buy but it’s got no history, brand or even looks …

  6. @Noe Japan, thanks for the response, i must admit i have never seen that site before. i must say i have and do deal with the best of the best in the industrie of verbal battering on a daily bases (government employees/billionairs).

    But i am limited to time, so feel free to send them on over, i find this site somewhat informative and with little BS, i do love pulling a few legs here and there as it went with my training in consciousnesss.

    Dont worry i am fully aware of my lack of grammer spelling etc skills, but i will keep that there as it gives me some balance in my life :)..

  7. i had the good fortune of seeing one in person a few years ago at a local weekly cruise spot here in AZ and it was truly impressive looking and sounding. looked kind of uncomfortable to get in and out of but definitely looked like a full bore race vehicle. hope that they can get the company back on track as it would be a shame to lose them!!


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