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Supercar Legends: Richard Losee Ferrari Enzo – MM Enzo

Ferrari Enzo - MM Enzo

Ferrari Enzo - MM Enzo

Once upon a time, a Ferrari Enzo Targa existed. The property of one Richard Losee, it was one of the most extreme conversions carried on a limited production car. The story behind this particular chassis goes even deeper than that though.

The story starts back in 2003 when chassis number 131320 was delivered fresh from the factory to Richard and registered with Utah plates. According to Road & Track, Losee’s father had a philosophy. “If a man is fortunate enough to have the means, he should drive a Ferrari”. With that in mind, this particular Enzo was assigned the plate MM ENZO with the aim of making this the highest mileage Enzo in the world.

To document this, Road & Track ran a series of articles following the car as it embarked on an extraordinary adventure. The car was instantly recognisable by 2006. Having already logged a staggering 31,000 miles travelling between exotic car shows on the US west coast. Losee had also opted for a unique modification. The top section of the door had been removed to create the worlds first Targa Enzo!

Ferrari Enzo Targa

Of course, you wouldn’t just set about cutting the roof off your half million dollar supercar without thinking it through. Losee had purchased a second set of original replacement Ferrari Enzo doors through his local Ferrari dealership. He then then carried out the necessary modifications on those and kept the original pair in storage.

You’ll probably have realised by now that Losee’s Enzo doesn’t exist in the same state today. If it did, we’re sure it would be a Facebook sensation! Nonetheless, the Targa episode is just the start of this epic story.

2006 was a big year for both the Enzo and Losee. First, it seems as though this was the year the car surpassed the 30,000 mile marker. An achievement in itself. Yet it was the 2006 Utah Highway Patrol’s Fast Pass charity event that catapulted this car into the headlines. The 3-day event had travelled through the rural Utah with the final day’s headline event being a high-speed run over a closed 14-mile stretch of road.

On his final day run, Losee had his Enzo up to 206mph when he encountered a rough stretch of the road. The car went airborne and after a big slide, the car went airborn before rolling seven times. The wreckage was strewn across a quarter mile of Utah desert. Losee understandably suffered a major set of injuries included multiple broken bones and two vertebrae in his neck. It took him 12 months just to recover.

Wrecked Ferrari Enzo

Of course, after giving it some thought, the only thing to do was to rebuild. Bigger and stronger than before! About 18 months after the accident, the remains of the wrecked Enzo were dragged out of storage at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah and a 30 month rebuild process was initiated. The project focused on one goal. A new record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

With Shane Tecklenburg of Mission Viejo, California on board, the Ferrari V12 would receive twin turbochargers. RSL Racing was created and Losee began to learn more about the salt flats. By the time they were done, the car had received a new nose and a special gear before returning to its original factory setup with the added twin-turbos. In October 2010, Losee set a 237.871mph record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Aside from the twin turbochargers, we’re led to believe that the car is largely stock. The basis is still the 6.0 litre V12 powerplant. On its record run, boost and mapping were increased to give a total peak horsepower figure of 847bhp. The tyres were changed to a narrower set, less prone to wondering on the salt.

MM Enzo on the Salt Flats

Rumours have been circulating that suggest the bodywork for the Losee Enzo was donated by another big custom Enzo owner, James Glickenhaus. It is the original bodywork for the P4/5!

The MM Enzo still sees occasional action at Bonneville. Most recently it was spotted at a Ferrari Dealership in Salt Lake City. We do know that Losee still enjoys his Ferrari’s. He currently owns a Ferrari 599 SA Aperta. Hopefully he is first on the delivery list for the new Ferrari F150.


  1. It isn't rumored to be bodied by the Glickenhaus car. It is. I know the mechanic and Salt Flats team leader for the car, and it IS bodied by that car. Donated in fact… It will also never race on the salt again. They are currently slightly detuning the car to be more streetable again but are keeping the turbos. It has been sitting at Steve Harris Imports lately. I will be shooting the car when they are done. I'll keep you informed! ;)


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