No tuning firm is as synonymous with modifying Nissan GT-R’s as AMS Performance is. The US tuning company is responsible for creating the fastest GT-R’s in the world, with their top of the line Alpha 12 kit recently propelling AMS to claim yet another world record quarter mile time in the GT-R, sprinting down the track in just 8.6263 seconds.

But with all of this power, can the Alpha 12 GT-R still perform well on a twisty race track like Willow Springs Raceway? Well, Car and Driver recently set about trying to work such a question out, when they borrowed an Alpha 12 GT-R producing 1,100hp on pump gas, and up to 1,400hp on race fuel and threw it around one of America’s most famous racing venues.

With such extraordinary amounts of power, it becomes clearly apparent that the AMS Performance Alpha 12 GT-R has been produced with straight-line performance in mind, as the additional power makes taking even the easiest of hairpins a struggle with the rear-end continually trying to step out.

Basem Wasef was the man crazy enough to perform such a test, and even went about turning the traction control off to see just how unruly this car can get!



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