Jaguar Land Rover recently signed an agreement which could potentially see a factory open up in Saudi Arabia. This follows the signing of a similar agreement with the Chinese Government to produce cars in China. Saudi Arabia is currently being described as a “possible future location for a Jaguar Land Rover automotive facility”.

Jaguar Land Rover would be looking at opening an aluminium foundry and press shop in a Saudi Arabian Government owned factory. Jaguar Land Rover stands a lot to gain from the agreement. Firstly, it would gain access to a stable supply of price-protected aluminium, secondly it would add extra capacity to the stretched workload and thirdly it would reduce costs.

It hasn’t been revealed which products Jaguar Land Rover intends to build in the facility although it is expected to be a new Land Rover product. The factory should be up and running in around two years time. The British company are keen to emphasise that production will remain focused on the United Kingdom!

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