Tesla Roadster

Tesla is working on a new Roadster which is scheduled to arrive in 2017. The Roadster was Tesla Motors’ first production vehicle, and the first all-electric sports car in serial production for sale. But it went out of production earlier this year.

The original Roadster sprints from standstill to 100km/h (0 to 62mph) in under four seconds, and has a top speed 201km/h (125mph). But the next generation electric sports car will be even faster, making it a serious competitor for Ferrari and Porsche. The new Roadster will also take on the all-electric versions of the Mercedes SLS AMG and Audi R8.

Rumored to be called Model R, the new Roadster will share the same platform as the Model S saloon and the Model X crossover. This will benefit the weight distribution and interior space. Furthermore the distance the Model R can drive on a single charge will exceed that of the Roadster, which can travel 393 km (244 miles).

[Via Auto Express]


  1. Yeahhhhhh… right ! New TESLA roadster my ______ . Seen what TESLA’s 3rd quarter loses are ? $110.2 million . Seriously the company has done nothing but lose money ( along with wasting the $20 billion Musk scammed from the American Tax Payer ) since its inception .

    Just how long is it going to take the general public as well as the press to come to the conclusion that Elon Musk may be a genius in the ‘ Virtual ‘ vapor ware World …. but when it comes to ‘ Real ‘ money and real business ( e.g. Manufacturing ) the man is a Sham / Grifter / Con Artist . Along with Fisker …. the new DeLorean’s of the 21st Century

    New TESLA Roadster . Methinks new TESLA mobile electric BBQ grill might be more in line with reality

  2. So when exactly is the affordable mass market vehicle coming to market? Elon Musk has always stated Tesla’s game plan was three fold. First create an expensive sports car to prove the technology could function at a high level, which Tesla has done. Second, create a luxury sedan which would compete with the BMW 5 Series, which Tesla has done. And third produce an affordable mass market vehicle, which Tesla has not done.

    What does Tesla have in its pipeline? The Model X SUV set for release in 2013-14 and now a re-release of the Roadster in 2017. I’m beginning to think Tesla either has no desire to build the mass market vehicle or they simply don’t have the technology to do it.

  3. @ John, I suspect the Roadster replacer will be targeted to luxury market again, in my opinion by 2017 Tesla will build more than one vehicles at the same time in their factories, think that to create a sportscar is less risky for them now they have the experience fof the roadster, they only have to mend handling, and the issues of the car at corners, everything else it’s been investigated, so they have themselves the feedback they need, its a way to diversify, nothing more.

    Yes, i don’t think the market is prepared for electric car for the masses what Tesla has promised for years, but it won’t be the first time tesla surprises us…


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