Bimmerpost, the bastion for all things BMW, recently reported that the 2014 BMW M3 will be significantly lighter and more powerful than its predecessor – the 2013 M3. Not a huge surprise in its own right. It would be almost impossible to sell a new model M3 with less horsepower than its predecessor, unless other drastic improvements were made. And that’s exactly what BMW are rumored to be doing.

Contrary to reports from earlier this year, Bimmerpost sources cite the new M3 as producing closer to 450hp. Previous figures thrown out on various forums frequented by enthusiasts of the Bavarian mark pegged the number as something much higher. How much of that was fueled by M3 fan boys and how much was based in fact is still suspect. Torque figures are purportedly set for an increase of close to 100lb-ft over the current generation. Expect torque figures around the 395 mark.

What with talk constantly surrounding horsepower figures, the real surprise here comes from an anything but nominal 300lb weight reduction. Speculation puts the weight figures of the 2014 M3 to, as near as makes no difference, 3400lbs. So, a 100lb-ft increase in torque, a fuel-efficient, rev-happy V6 and a massive weight reduction. Here’s hoping that BMW can produce what can only be described as one of the fastest sounding M3’s to date. Oh, and for those that aren’t as familiar with BMW M history – that’s a weight target eerily similar to the ever popular E46 M3.

There has been no official word yet on whether or not BMW will showcase their 2014 M3 Concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, but the hopeful are remaining just that. We’ll keep you posted as Geneva approaches.

Take a look at what Bimmerpost is reporting in full, here.



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