Pierce-Arrow is an ancient name. Originally based in Buffalo, New York, Pierce-Arrow produced expensive luxury cars between 1901 and 1938. One of its biggest claims to fame was that in 1909, US President William Taft ordered two Pierce-Arrows as the first official cars of the White House. The brand was one of the Three P’s of Motordom; Packard, Peerless and Pierce-Arrow.

Despite the prestigious image, Pierce-Arrow only offered high-end cars, unlike its competitors. In 1938 the company declared insolvency and closed its doors. In 2006, a Swiss company bought the name and started designing a new car. That’s what you see in the pictures below, the Pierce-Arrow Colani Concept Car.

The Colani Concept Car is supposed to channel the brands illustrious history. It features a futuristic design, penned by Luigi Colani and a supposed 10 liter, 24 cylinder engine. Historically, the Colani Concept Car is the successor to the Pierce Silver Arrow which featured a massive 8.0 liter V12 engine, a small version of the 1913 13.5 liter inline-six that powered the Model 66-A-3.

The design works in the same way as the original. The base remains the same for each example, the bodywork was custom designed by Luigi Colani. Little else is known about the car at this point in time. However, you can see one of the designs in the photo. It’s an extremely long, futuristic car with a cockpit over the rear wheels and a long front engine bay.

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  1. I’m not so sure about the Pierce Arrow reference but I’m a big fan of all Luigi’s work .. so this one’s killer IMHO

  2. Colani has been doing some nice cars, but for this one he forgot two things:

    1. the driver is supposed to see the road in front of him.
    2. the car has to look good


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