This twin turbo Audi R8 GT appears to have slipped under our radar for the past month! It left the Underground Racing workshop a month ago, headed for the United Arab Emirates. It’s a pretty awesome looking machine with enough power to take on similar Gallardo conversions!

The headline figures are 1,000hp at the wheel on standard pump gas and 1,250hp at the wheel running racing gas. Those figures take into account losses through the transmission and the differential which means that 1,000hp is the figure that this car puts onto the road.

The customer opted for a Stage 3 build so the engine was disassembled, the parts fitted and bolted back together again in eight weeks. It features a MoTeC boost-by-gear system and a few other parts.

Prices on these sorts of builds start at $94,000 installed.

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  1. Juat looking at it is cool no wonder it was poert car of the year. No oe very little changes are required. Price wise it rivals all the other contenders. Big A+ for this screame of a car.

  2. These R8 are hideous. And with 1000hp they should give one to GuitarSlinger (maybe he would shut up for 10 minutes and hopefully kill himself).

    And by the way, kill all german designers: they pollute the entire world with their defecations.

  3. Please take note of the jealous imposter, i have many claiming my work…

    I love R8’s and of course when time permits will be purchasing one or the lambo gallardo (similar), of course should my buso partner have not already done so, as i am at the very near end of my work which has not allowed me to have high powered toys/cars at this stage of my career (it’s a time thing).

    hay dummy home work time, AKA pencil ether phucker but spelt with an F, think about that ;)…


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