The Silverstone Race Circuit situated in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom was host to the Ferrari Race days event which took place this weekend. There were great expectations for the World record attempt which was held on Saturday 15th September with the aim of 1,000 cars being entered.

The Ferrari North Europe and Ferrari Owners Club GB were hoping to claim the Guinness World record for the Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars. For every car which was entered Ferrari had agreed to donate £5.00 to BEN. The Automotive Industry’s own charity.

The previous world record was held in 2008 by the Ferrari Club Japan where an amazing 490 cars took to the track. The record beat the previous record held at Silverstone in 2007 where Ferrari UK had 385 cars entered. The guest of honour for the World record attempt was F1 driver Felipe Massa who lead the parade 3.6 mile lap in a Ferrari 458 Spider.

There were over 964 cars which took to the track which had to meet numerous conditions in order to complete the World Record. The Guinness World Records Limited Commission will confirm by the end of next week if the world record had been completed.

There were 971 cars which took to track but as the world record specifications state the number of cars which exit the track will be counted. This spectacular magic number was 964 Ferrari’s. The difference between the number that started and exited were drivers who fell victim to lack of Fuel whilst on track. The organisers try to give everyone tips to enable them to complete the world record such as turn off engines and lights whilst not moving. But as in any world record attempt and in life this does not always happen.

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