McLaren Automotive has released a new bespoke project for an undisclosed client. The McLaren Special Operations (MSO) department created this McLaren F1 and MP4-12C combination using a matching color setup including white and red.

The photos were made by Tomirri Photography. The McLaren F1 received a new paint job. The paint used was developed by McLaren with one clear focus; the color on the plastic and metal parts should be similar.

The MP4-12C has been outfitted with ventilated front fenders, red carbon fiber trim and unique alloy wheels. On the inside, red and white leather upholstery is combined with a carbon fiber steering wheel and red carbon fiber trim on the center stack.


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  1. Its official

    McLaren has gone Fashionista on us .

    If anyone would of told me a decade ago that I’d ever be disappointed in anything McLaren did : road or race I’d of told them they were nuts .

    Now …. it seems the company is throwing out one disappointment after another

    So whats next I wonder ? £500 hair dryers with the McLaren ‘ tick ‘ on it ? SheikWokingLand amusement parks ? McLaren cologne ?

    Sheesh . No wonder Hamilton chose a new Pagani 760 ( LH ) instead of waiting for the P12 . He saw the writing on the wall .


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