Ferrari F70 Spied Again

Development of the long-awaited successor to the Ferrari Enzo is well underway as once again a prototype has been caught testing. The Italian supercar which is currently codenamed F70 has been spotted in the street around Ferrari’s hometown Maranello.

The F70 will be the first hybrid vehicle from the Prancing Horse, providing the highest horsepower of any street-legal Ferrari ever made. With a speculated weight of 1,000kg (2,205lb) or less Ferrari’s next supercar will be arguably also be the fastest.

Beneath the camouflage lays a hybrid drivetrain coupled with a 7.3 liter V12 engine which is rumored to develop up to 1,000 horsepower. The power will be transferred to the road via all four wheels.

The next generation Ferrari hypercar will be presented for a select group of potential customers before the end of the year. Its public unveiling will likely be at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2013 or perhaps next March in Geneva.

[Via SpeedSpot]


  1. “hybrid drivetrain” is not what I like to ear.
    “7.3-liter V12” is more like it.
    “1,000 horsepower” is fine also, but I’ll be very surprised if the car weights only 1,000 kg with such specs.

  2. Yikkes ! Good thing thats a disguised prototype cause its gone beyond ugly into the realm of the absurd ! Guess Ferrari really doesn’t want the general public or the press to see what it is they’ve got in store

  3. @ vador – Ignore all the ‘ Hybrid ‘ hype ! Its not ! Its a KERS for the road . Period ! Though I’d still take a pass and stick with a killer V12 sans all the F1 Wannabe garbage !


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