Ferrari F70 Test Mule Spotted in Maranello

A couple of spyshots have surfaced via FerrariChat. They are the first to reveal something about the new hypercar’s shape and styling details! The pictures reveal a low, wide and heavily camouflaged car. The doors appear to be shared with the Enzo, Ferrari’s last hypercar while the rear is visibly lower and longer than we’ve seen before.

Other features include a rear engine cover similar to the P4/5 Competizione, a distinctive rear diffuser and a set of quad exhausts. Interestingly, the same day as these images have surfaced, also released a new set of rumours detailing the engine specifications. While we expected the F70 to use the HY-KERS system coupled to a V12 engine, the latest rumours suggest this could have as much as 1,000hp.

The rumours also suggest that the power will drive all four wheels. Autoblog state that the details come from a customer who already has an order for an F70. We’ve been expecting to see the F70 before the year ends, however, Autoblog believe that is now going to be March next year at the Geneva Motor Show 2013.


  1. Calm down now kiddies . Its just an Enzo with a bunch of globbledygook hung off it in a vain attempt at disguise to test the mechanicals . All the stats are at this point in time pure and unadulterated Fiction emitting from a less than credible source ( Autoblog ) with the ‘ customer ‘ in question being the pretentious self inflated egomaniacal owner of the P4/5C

    So hold your cheers and jeers till reality rears its ugly head and the genuine FACTs are known . Cause right now it pure speculation and thats all .

  2. @GuitarSlinger Hahaha, “egomaniacal owner”, I wonder if it’s a matter of Glickenhaus or their social media agents Kinetic fin that we see him this way, but we really see him as an “egomaniacal”, nobody cares of Glickenhaus, only about his creative idea. We deal with this pathetic situation cause the car is even beautier than the Zonda R, Minimum me.

  3. @ Pit – Why ? So a few dozen more ‘ More Money than Brains ‘ Ferrari owners can total their cars …. maybe taking out a few innocent bystanders and a building or two ?

    @ urdrago – Mine and many others opinion of Glickenhaus being a Megalomaniac is based on his perceived Self Importance in the Ferrari and automotive world in general : when in fact he’s just another wealthy SOB with less common car sense than his cat , trying to ‘ Buy ‘ his way into fame , garnering as much attention as he can purchase . Kind of like a 2 year old with money . BTW To me the P4/5 is a pathetic pastiche mash up that’d been better off left on the drawing table rather than foisted into the publics view . Its a mechanical POS as well . Whereas the Pagani’s ( all of them ) love em or leave em are Original designs coming from Horatio’s personal tastes : rather than a pretentious attempt to glom onto a glorious race car of the past

  4. @GuitarSlinger I think same way about the P4/5 owner, but in terms on the car, personally I consider a more stable car the P4/5 competizione, consider this car has consecutively finished two times the 24h of nurburgring, and 30-40 place the first and 12th the second, this car has proved enough it’s reliability, something let me questionate about the Zonda R. For me is more like a serious car the competizione by now.


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