German sports car manufacturer, Melkus, declared insolvency earlier on today. German press sources have revealed that Melkus filed with the Dresden district court for bankruptcy. It appears that sales volumes for the Melkus RS2000 were not enough to help the company stay afloat. Melkus had hoped to produce 25 hand built examples per year.

Historically, the company manufactured single seat racing cars and sport cars between 1959 and 1986 from its facility in Dresden, Germany. During this time it produced one road car, the Melkus RS1000. Since 2006, the company had been relaunched with a new road car, the Melkus RS2000.

The Melkus RS2000 was powered by a two-liter turbo-engine with a six-speed gearbox and 325hp. It featured a unique design incorporating gullwing doors and a classic GT-shape. The suspension consisted of an aluminium frame with a monocoque and double wishbones at front and rear.

The company plans to reorganise and look at starting afresh.

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  1. Oh golly gee . There’s a real shocker . Another of the pretentious Supercar wanna be set falls by the wayside before the horse even got out of the gate . The only surprise here being it was one of the German wanna be’s rather than the former Iron Curtain bunch that fell first

    Get used to this folks . It’ll be the SNAFU till each and every one has gone the way of the DoDo bird . Utter extinction .

  2. Just to clarify, the family behind the Melkus project were also behind the original Melkus project back in the 1950’s. Back then, the Melkus RS1000 was one of the only sports cars built in Eastern Germany. So it actually has a history.

  3. Guitarslinger,

    dont be an ignorant fool.

    every one of the big players , lamborghini, porsche, started out in the same way. they havnt been big since the start. its good companies are trying to make cars. do you want to see lots of variety or just 911’s and gallardos everywhere?

  4. @ Shawn & Pit

    Don’t display your naivete and deluded sense of reality . In case you hadn’t noticed the entire civilized World is in a recession verging on a depression : with even the established players ( Ferrari – Lamborghini – Aston Martin etc ) hurting for sales . Fact is as well that none of these so called ‘ new ‘ pretentious supercar wanna be’s has an ounce of experience knowledge or background …. Hmmmmn . Sort of like Spyker . Noticed where they are at the moment ? Didn’t think so . Never mind . Continue on with your Journey of Delusion . Just don’t come crying when reality smacks you in the face .

    @ Lawrence – In order for a car company to have a ” History ” there needs to be some ‘ history ‘ behind it other than it pretended to exist at one point in time ;-)

  5. @GuitarSlinger, thanks for the reply and educated deluded response on the supercar industrie.

    All start with a bumpy ride at first and recessions dont last for ever, as of course you would agree recessions are induced for the sake of perpetual motion of consciousness being the effect of consciousness on the worlds universes workings.. obviously…

    But please feel free to continue of your uneducated journey of delusiions :)


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