Official details on the Romeo Ferraris BMW M5 were revealed recently by our friends over at It seems that the Milan-based tuner has been working on the car since late 2011. The result is a 657hp tuning package and a lower tuning stage that takes the BMW M5 up to 635hp.

The first stage of power increases uses an ECU tune. This part can be added with no modifications and simply connected to the car’s computer through its own dedicated wiring system. We’re told that this releases 75hp and 88Nm of torque over the M5’s standard 560hp.

The second stage features a new titanium exhaust system alongside the ECU upgrade. This particular exhaust system features a downpipe without pre-catalyst, a catalyst metal center with 200 cells and end tips finished with titanium. There’s no word on pricing or availability yet, so feel free to contact Romeo Ferraris for more details.

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