This past weekend the annual SEFAC (Southern Equatorial Ferrari Automobile Club) Ferrari Day was held in Johannesburg. Local reporter Divyesh Dajee send us a series of shots of the event held at the local Kyalami race track in South Africa.

Established in 1967, SEFAC is the world’s oldest Ferrari owners’ club sharing a long heritage with the Italian brand from Maranello. Check the photos below for an overview of all the Ferrari models that showed up at the trackday event. You will spot Ferrari F50’s, F40’s, 458’s, and a 458 Spider.

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  1. This exhibition is a symbol of difference between the rich and the poor in South African. On one side, people don’t have medicine even for very ordinary problems while intelligentsia is busy in Ferrari exhibitions. Hence it goes without saying that economies in African countries are growing now. Tourism plays the most important role in Economical growth of all African countries. Right now so many companies have started luxury last minute flights to Johannesburg and many other prominent cities of Africa. Ferrari exhibitions are a proof that white minority (that came from Europe) in South Africa is leading a luxury life.


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