We’ve spotted a rather special Mercedes-Benz for sale with Keighley Sports & Performance in Keighley, England. It’s a Brabus Rocket, based on the C219 Mercedes-Benz CLS. It’s a 2007 build, the only right hand drive Rocket Brabus made, it has 17,000 miles on the clock and a very reasonable £ 79,995 price tag.

For those that haven’t heard of the Rocket before, it’s based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS500, which may not sound impressive but wait until you hear what Brabus do to it! To start the build process, Brabus remove pretty much everything from the car. The engine is switched for Brabus’ own SV12 R Biturbo 750, the suspension is custom and was offered in two specs, comfort and sport, this car features the comfort settings with automatic ride leveling.

The SV12 R Biturbo 750 engine is as the name suggests, a 750hp twin turbocharged V12 engine. It has a displacement of 6.2 liters and torque is rated to 996lb-ft. Of course, the Rocket also held the title as the fastest road legal saloon registering a top speed of 366km/h (227mph). Brabus also refitted the brakes, the wheels and the entire interior.

So while £ 79,995 might sound a lot for a Mercedes-Benz CLS, what you’re actually getting is a record setting, custom built hypercar. Whats more, it cost the original owner over £ 300,000 to build when new! Bargain.

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