Monaco 2012 Fisker Karma

Fisker reported impressive sales figures recently when it was revealed they sold 1,000 Fisker Karma’s in the first quarter of 2012 producing $ 100 million in revenue. The news will be welcomed by for the small Californian firm and its many fans. Fisker will hope to improve on these figures throughout the year while also focusing on the Fisker Atlantic.

Fisker’s sales figures were achieved through sales in Europe and the US. To build on them, they plan to market the Karma to buyers worldwide with key markets including the Middle East. Whilst this is good news for the company, several loose ends have emerged over the past days. News is filtering through that one of Fisker’s main suppliers, A123, a developer of battery modules, may be heading towards trouble. It is suffering financial problems caused by the need to replace defective battery modules in early Karma vehicles. A123 has already received $ 249 Million in loans from the US government.

Fisker is commited to extend its development and production of the years to come. It owns an ex-General Motors plant in Delaware, where planned to employ 2,000 workers building the new Atlantic. Work has since stopped on this development after the Department of Energy froze the $ 529 million green-energy loan.


  1. What Fisker ( the new DeLorean ) is saying and what is the fact on the street are diametric opposition .

    Fisker , as per usual ( SNAFU ) are once again dumping a crock load of manure on the Press in hopes of stimulating sales by giving the illusion of Demand . There is none . Actual sales are minimal . The reviews have been abysmal . Simply put for those of you with a knowledge of History , Henrik Fisker has taken a page directly out of John DeLorean’s play book . Lie thru your teeth – hope you don’t get caught – Pray it brings in the sales before the ____ hits the Fan

    Ask me how I know all this .

    And … errrr ……. Anyone from Fisker care to challenge me on these statements ?

    …… …… …… I thought not !

    When it comes to Fisker ?

    JUST SAY NO ! ( to their press releases – buying one etc )

  2. Maybe the sales are lower because instead of a V8 you are receiving the same 4cyl engine found in my wife’s $30,000 Saturn Sky Turbo…or maybe because the battery will only last less than one hour of driving at a normal 50mph…maybe the rear seat is so cramped it is difficult to enter of exit. Why would Fisker raise the MSRP $5,000 2 months into the sales drive? What will the battery replacement cost due to the resale value?? Battery powered vehicles should be limited to golf carts!! Most of the pre orders were placed by speculators aka facebook looking to flip these into the market. They supposedly had 5000 pre orders and have only delivered 1000 in all of the US and Europe in the first 5 months. That is a run rate of 200 per month! slightly less than 800 per month projected.


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