Official Vath V63 AMG Supercharged

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series has now hit dealerships worldwide. Owners started taking delivery of the latest Black Series model no more than two months ago and already we have the first tuned version. German specialists Vath have created the V63 AMG Supercharged, pumping up the Black Series to even greater proportions.

The 6.2 liter engine gets a staggering 756hp and 800Nm of torque. To get this amount of power, Vath added a compressor system, engine electronic adjustments and an in-house manufactured water and air cooling systems. 0 to 100km/h times are cut to just 3.6 seconds and top speed is increased to 350km/h. The cost of these upgrades are 38,500 euros including taxes.

Vath also offer a stainless steel exhaust manifold system for 2,890 euros, a stainless steel catalyst device for 1,890 euros and a rear silencer with a remote valve control for 3,540 euros. Suspension upgrades lower the V63 Supercharged by 20 to 65mm, adjusting rebound and compression. The price for the suspension components is 2,490 euros.

The braking system is all new at the front and consists of 405mm discs. Price for these is 5,490 euros including the adapter, mounting kit and steel flex lines and a further 1,490 euros for a gear-oil cooler device. The wheels are three piece forged units measuring 9×12 inches with 255/30-20 tyres at the front, and 11×20 inches with 295/25-20 tires at the rear. These cost 7,450 euros.

Inside, Vath offers a sport steering wheel finished in leather and carbon accents for the dashboard costing 1,450 euros. A new speedometer can be fitted cranking the dials up to 400km/h for a price of 1,890 euros. Vath ran the car at the Tuner Grand Prix 2012 last weekend!

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