This looks like the upcoming 2013 Aston Martin DBS, also known under the internal project name AM 310. The four small pictures – which we enlarged – were made at Villa d’Este in Italy where the British sports car will make its official release this weekend.

When looking at the pictures, it seems that Aston Martin will showcase the red project AM 310 vehicle as a concept, but we all know that this vehicle will be the base for the upcoming DBS and DB9. Feel free to share your opinion on the totally new lower front fascia, interesting design of the side skirts, thee open rear spoiler and the newly designed rear diffuser. In the case you did not notice, the rear lights are borrowed from the One-77 and the front lights are also used on the Aston Martin Virage.

Aston Martin claims that the AM 310 is 75 per cent new. It will feature the same 6.0 liter V12 as you currently find in the V12 Vantage, DBS and DB9 models. Power will be 573hp, an increase of 63hp. Other features will include a transaxle gearbox and wishbone suspension, and the familiar ‘VH’ bonded and riveted alloy frame.

The real changes for the AM 310 will be in the lightweight construction, lower emissions ratings and increased economy figures. Aston Martin will use carbon fiber and aluminium parts for the bodywork with an all-new shape taking design cues from the One-77 and using a higher bonnet to conform with crash regulations. For the first time, the successor will get automatic windscreen wipers and a touch screen navigation system!

More on the new Aston Martin DBS right here!

[Via UltimateCarPage and Arthomobiles]

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  1. Mixed feelings…
    Not sure about that front spoiler.
    I don’t like the rear lights, i wish they kept the full design used on the one-77.
    I hate that rear spoiler.
    I do like the body work on the doors and the sideskirts.
    A big NO to the wheels.

    Well, now the 2007-2012 DBS prices are going to get low…Happy me…

  2. Ditch the wheels and colour code the front splitter.
    Not to sure about the rear spoiler hole.

    Other than that i like it a lot. I love the lights, mirrors, side sills, rear diffuser, front splitter and the general aggressive look.

  3. Overall very nice, Aston seems to be leaving the subtle beauty and infusing a little more exotic, which is ok with me. On the opposite side, not a big fan of the open spoiler and the wheels could be much better.

  4. Design: superb. I’m a long AM fan and will SURLY buy one!

    Power: quite lacking. 573hp is better than 510, but frankly 573 is what one gets from a 2006 Lamborghini at the same price (read: SIX+ YEARS AGO). My friends have successfully supercharged their DBS’s without reliability problems to 750hp. I understand numbers are not the heart of the car, but 573 frankly boarders insulting customers. A supercharger option, or AT LEAST a dealer supercharger option, is desperately needed for AM to compete against customers (people whom I know) from buying a Viper or Gallardo. The DBS from the 70s had two superchargers – today a friend runs two on his 2009 DBS. Why the stumble on power, AML?

  5. I reckon the red colour is probably designed to appeal to the Chinese market who love their gaudy reds and golds. Toured factory recently and they are stitching plenty of dragons into the headrests of their cars nowdays. If you look at the black and white shots the car looks more Astonish and a Carbon Black edition I think will look excellent. Aston can lend me one for the week to test drive anytime.

    I like the splitter. I am wondering if the raised front edge is to help with grounding. My V12V is but a few months old and has already split as the leading front edge hits speedbumps or ramps first and by having this raised (setting the leading edge back abit)it might save me a few grand a time on splitters!

    Personally I think it looks a brute of a car and with more power than my Vantage and less weight I think it will have plenty enough poke for an Aston.

  6. The car shown here will not most likely be the finished product, once it goes on sale they would definitely of tweaked it, how much tweaking i don’t know but it looks great, wouldn’t recommend it in red though, unless you were colour blind.

    In terms of interior styling, not that i dislike it, quite the opposite really however i do hope they update it from the DBS/V12 Vantage/V12 Zagato trims…..

  7. ohoho.. thats not the dbs .. thats the new 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish .. long awaited facelift .. i may be wrong but i m 75% confident its the vanquish.. i checked Aston official website .. and its hell lotta goodlooking i figure now that evry new car is inspired by the Virage..


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