Renault Alpine A110-50

Renault have officially revealed the Alpine A110-50. It’s a concept car, due to be presented over the weekend at the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. It celebrates the Alpine Berlinette’s 50th anniversary and at the same time, introduces Renault Design’s ‘new language’. We are told that the new front-end look will feature on all future Renault models.

The Alpine A110-50 features a 3.5 liter 24-valve V6 Renault V4Y engine block putting out 400hp. Renault have mounted it in the middle of the car with a rear bias. It gets a semi-automatic six-speed sequential gearbox with a twin-plate clutch that can be controlled using either the clutch pedal or a paddle on the steering wheel. Other features include a limited-slip differential (discs and ramps) and a cerametallic twin-plate clutch built specially for this car.

The Renault Alpine A110-50 is essentially a Renault Mégane Trophy car underneath. It features a tubular chassis which has been stiffened and developed specifically for the Alpine A110-50. The roll cage and bracing in the engine bay have been lowered by Tork Engineering to adapt them to the vehicle’s lower height. Weight distribution places 47.8 percent over the front wheels.

The Alpine A110-50 features flowing bodywork, thin head lamps, crescent shaped full yellow LED lights and a 3D rear window with a view of the mid-rear engine bay. Air intakes on each side share their style with the rear wheel arches of the original Berlinette. The air vent on the right-hand side is for gearbox cooling, the left feeds air into the engine bay.

The Alpine A110-50 gets carbon fiber bodywork featuring a new shade of Renault blue which refreshes and reinterprets the famous original ‘Alpine Blue’. Renault tells us that the bonnet is hinged at the front and the engine bay cover opens towards the rear. The doors have a showpiece scissor motion.

Inside the cockpit gets carbon fiber door sills, an uncluttered dashboard, Sabelt full harness belts, and a steering wheel incorporating a colour screen. This handy screen features the same technology as the single-seater Formula Renault 3.5 providing drivers with all the information they need. The wheels are 21 inch central locking units and Renault have not fitted any electronic driving aides.

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  1. Not an ugly car, but typical self-centric french work: “design for design”, when it should be “design for spirit”.
    For example these two air scoops at the front: they’re saying “look, I’m the first to have air scoops at the front”, but they’re also adding a seconday pair of eyes to the car’s face, which ruins it.

    The side panels and doors are also arrogant for no reason, but the biggest mistake of all is the badge. Why is there a Renault badge when it’s supposed to be an Alpine ? Who wants to buy a sport car with a badge that says “I’m a communist peasant” ?

    Please Renault, it worked with Dacia so do it again: add some Alpine logo and remove anything that’s related to your boring brand.

  2. I agree with Vador and Luke
    The car is very nice no doubt about it but the problem is that it has too many scoops on hood and front end and my eyes are wondering all over the place and i cant focus/ Also I reminds me of that car in cartoon movie “Cars” but I would be interested in buying it if it hits the market


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