Rumours are spreading that this weekend, the replacement for the Aston Martin DBS and DB9 will be on show at the 2012 Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza this weekend. Lake Como saw the official unveiling of the Aston Martin V12 Zagato last year and the Aston Martin One-77 back in 2009 so the rumours seem entirely possible.

Internally the project is known as the AM 310. Aston Martin claims that the AM 310 is 75 per cent new. It will feature the same 6.0 liter V12 as you currently find in the V12 Vantage, DBS and DB9 models. Power will be 573hp, an increase of 63hp. Other features will include a transaxle gearbox and wishbone suspension, and the familiar ‘VH’ bonded and riveted alloy frame.

The real changes for the AM 310 will be in the lightweight construction, lower emissions ratings and increased economy figures. Aston Martin will use carbon fibre and aluminium parts for the bodywork with an all-new shape taking design cues from the One-77 and using a higher bonnet to conform with crash regulations. For the first time, the successor will get automatic windscreen wipers and a touch screen navigation system!

We’ll have to wait until the weekend to see if the rumours are true. We were expecting also to see the Aston Martin at the Paris Motor Show or the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this year. We’ll keep you updated.

[Via CarsUK]

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  1. In my ( not so ) Humble Opinion Aston Martin needs to dump their Ian Callum influenced design team/language and hire these guys …..

    …… to do all their future cars . I for one am sick and tired : and just about had enough of round after round of the ” Is it a Jaguar – Is it an Aston – Is it A Jaguar – Is it an Aston ? “et nauseum designs coming out of AM lately ….. The ‘new’ Zagato being an absolute travesty in comparison to Evanta’s design . The One ( zero ) 77 being the Supreme Fugly Exotic Award of the decade winner !

    ( the Cynical Cygnet I won’t even comment on as it doesn’t deserve the time and effort to do so )

    For the extra $$$$$$ ( or £££££ if you prefer ) that an Aston costs over a run of the mill Jaguar ( which IMO isn’t such a hot design either .. throat lozenge on wheels coming to mind ) Aston Martins NEED to start looking a whole lot more special than they do

    And errrr …. this ‘new’ DBS just aint it ! More like SSDD !

  2. That is a beautiful car for sure, but do you honestly think that Aston can sell enough retro-styled cars to survive (and be relevant). That is the kind of car that a specialty firm can make,(and survive on), but not a full fledged modern car maker like Aston Martin.


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