The company Alpha-N Performance has released a new program named the Alpha-N BT92 based on the BMW E92 335i.

The Germans fitted a new body kit. The broad hips and the bigger wheel wells are combined with a new front bumper and a contoured hood. The big diffuser dominates the rear as well as the double-running, centrally positioned sport exhaust system. The new trunk lid with its spoiler lip and adjustable rear wing ensure additional downforce. The front was fitted with an equally adjustable spoiler.

All bodywork mounting parts and even the side parts are made of carbon fiber. It reduces the curb weight by 250kg. On top of this a rollover cage in the interior ensures additional safety.

The next step was taken under the hood. The turbo serial six was fitted with the Alpha-N engine kit stage 4. This consists of bigger turbochargers, adaptation of engine electronics, a new exhaust system and an enlarged air-to-air intercooler. Moreover the engine electronics were completely reprogrammed.

And that was not yet all: As opposed to the older double turbo, additional mechanical actions were also required for the current single turbo engine with twin scroll technique. Other pistons and a new crankshaft were constructed. The result of the efforts are 450 horsepower transmitted to the rear wheels through the dual clutch transmission.

Alpha-N installed a MAC high-performance braking system with six-piston saddles and 380mm disks on the front axle and four-piston saddles with 355 series disks on the rear. A KW coilover suspension ensures a tailor-made lowering.

The Germans also fitted three-part S3 rims with a black star. To fill up the broader fender, 9.5 and 11.5 inch wide 19 inch dimensions had to be mounted. The dimensions of the Hankook tires are 255/35ZR19 on the front axle and 295/30 on the rear.

The interior of the BT92 features Recaro Pole Position carbon seats with full belt safety harness, a steel cage and performance steering wheel.

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