The final word is out! BMW of North America CEO, Ludwigh Willisch, has shared with the news that ends all the speculations. The upcoming BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe will get an inline-six engine fitted with a turbo producing around 450hp. It is unknown if they will use the twin-scroll or twin-turbo technique.

The engine is expected to be mated to a dual-clutch transmission. also released that a V6 unit was on the table and tested by M, but for like balance and weight distribution, it never made it to the production car. The next M3 and M4 will also get an electronically controlled differential as used in the M5 and M6.

The BMW M3 will debut in 2013, followed a year later by the M4 Coupe.

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  1. Pew, if bmw went for V6, the spirit of their core competence, the Inline 6 would somewhat fade.

    BMW inline 3 is the best engine ever, diesel or petrol!


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