Ronin Lotus Exige Wrecked

It seems that the (self-proclaimed) Worlds Fastest Lotus Exige, also known as the Ronin Exige, was involved in an accident this week. The owner, Frank Profera took to YouTube to explain that the highly-tuned Lotus Exige hit the central reservation on California’s Route 101.

We quote: (edited for family viewing…)

I was rear ended by some f**kin c**t in a Porsche while on the fwy. He hit my left rear and spun me, I ended up in the right side wall…. I can’t wait to see this f**kin c**t in jail for a hit and run…F**kin c**t Porsche owners…No one in front of me or in ether laneon my side and this c**t hits me up the ass…what does that tell ya about Porsche owners…always lookin for a cute ass even if it’s an old dude

Naturally, amateur crash scene investigations carried out across several prominent internet communities have failed to verify the details above. We don’t want to get involved in that though so we’ll just tell you about the car instead!

Obviously, it isn’t the worlds fastest Lotus-chassis supercar. That honour undoubtedly goes to the Hennessey Venom GT. That doesn’t detract from how special it is though. It features the original 1.8 liter Toyota engine rather than the V8 unit fitted to the Hennessey. Extensive tuning with many custom parts raised the horsepower figure close to 700.

It seems the accident was one of two the owner had this month. We’re also told, via FerrariChat, that Frank’s yacht in Malibu burnt down. That’s some very expensive bad luck.


  1. Yeah, that’s the one from Drive that Matt drove. If i remember correctly all that body work is done by hand and completely one off. That’s a major bummer something like that would happen.

  2. Eye witness report from a guy named Homer who commented on The Smoking Tire:
    homer · 6 weeks ago
    “Holy crap. I thought this car looked familiar. I was in Cali for business and I saw this same exact car wrecked in front of me the other day. I was about 100 yards back and I saw him and another guy in a sports car suddenly punching it on the freeway. All of a sudden, the lotus moves over and hits the other guy and ends up spinning into the concrete. Too bad, it was a sick ride. Hope both guys made it out ok health wise…”

    Seems very different than Franks account of going 65 and then being “hit” by a porsche driver. Very questionable…

  3. the guy that owns the lotus is a complete tool. hes on a lotus forum and is always stroking his car thinking it would beat a Hennessy and insert supercar.

    F*ck your shitty lotus and F*ck you for racing in traffic and crashing your cute little lotus so we can all lol at you

  4. Yea the dumbass also hates Magnus walker on his YouTube channel because he thinks Magnus is a wreck less driver. He may have a point but he’s no better. He also ended up buying a new Porsche lately lol. 911 turbo S. Guess he’s one of those cunts he’s describing now.

  5. Either it’s faster than a Hennessy GT or not..still fast F*CKIN Car no doubt. I give him credit for building such a beast. This sucks tho that he was spun off the road.


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