Inside a Six-Million Dollar Garage

The television show Million Dollar Rooms visits the world’s most lavish and distinctive homes. In this video we get a view inside the lakefront home of Tom Gonzales, a software engineer who made a fortune by selling his company.

Located on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, the 4.3 acre property features on of the most impressive garages you’ve ever seen. Gonzales’ 6,000-square-feet garage was built specifically for his extensive collection of cars and motorcycles and is one of the largest privately owned underground garages in the United States.

The six-million dollar garage is large enough to accommodate nine parked buses underground. The garage is pretty unique in that it is comprised of two levels including a 60ft long and 12ft wide elevator, which is similar to the ones used on an aircraft carrier.

Although the garage is pretty impressive, the collection of cars featured in the video is somewhat disappointing. But perhaps Gonzales’ collection features more than meets the eye.

What do you think of this multi-million-dollar garage? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Under the comments they said he has a 6 million dollar car collection but moved it the month before they came there to film.

  2. He have a lot more cars than shown in the Million Dollar Room video. Probably moved the collection to Florida. He’s been trying to sell the property for some time now, check this link:

    There’s 3 Ultima GTRs, 5 BMW Z8s, 4 Plymouth Prowlers. a Ford GT, a Mercedes SLR, a Ferrari F50 and a McLaren F1 +more

    Some of his cars under wrap:

    Another video showcasing his house, and some of his collection:

  3. Why would you want to buy 2 of that same kind of car? If it were me I would diversify and use the cash to buy one of each kind of exotic car


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