Yesterday we received a picture showing a model what turns out to be a design study for the successor to the legendary Enzo, also referred to as the Ferrari F70. The Ferrari F70 is highly anticipated as the successor to the Ferrari Enzo that was build between 2002 and 2004.

The F70 follows in the footsteps of the legendary Ferrari F40, F50 and F60 (Enzo Ferrari) supercars. Earlier it was written the new car would feature a V12 with a maximum output of 800hp plus an additional 120hp from the KERS package. The body of the Ferrari Enzo successor will be made out of carbon fiber. Luca di Montezemolo, the Chairman of Ferrari, hinted the limited edition Ferrari will be the fastest and most powerful street-legal car the Prancing Horse has ever offered.

One month ago it was reported the much-awaited F70 Ferrari Enzo successor is nearly ready for its introduction and will be unveiled to an exclusive group of potential buyers before end of year. Its official public debut is probably in Q1 2013.

Update: Thanks to our friend Casper from for finding the original source of this image, sadly its not the new F70 but a design study by a group of Ferrari enthusiast.

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  1. I hope not – Ferrari’s should be beautiful. Though given the FF and F12, they may as well stick with ugly.

    Also, I highly doubt Ferrari would choose Detroit to release this car. They may as well release it in Chernobyl

  2. Why are ferraris starting to get so ugly? F430 and 458 are gorgeous cars but then they come out with the FF, F12 and now this monstrous thing. Who designs their cars they need to be slapped.

  3. It’s so.. so ugly, Hope Ferrari won’t make some thing like this. Until the 599GTB Fiorano, all things are going well but when the 458 came it was a little bit ugly at the front but it’s almost beautiful however with the FF and the F12 berlinetta, they are so ugly . Porsche is doing better than Ferrari in their car designs, especially the 911.

  4. People who think that the “FF” and “F12″ should be the one getting slapped. Ferrari are the company to this day that create one of the best Hand made cars in the world. ” F12″ is Pure excellence and art. Ferrari Design study is the best in the world. Every where else they just add on kits and say its a new car or like Porsche design study WHERE THEY DONT DO S***. Lamborghini is not even lamborghini any more ,its AUDI. Lamborghini does not but design the same car over and over for 10 years. So Ferrari is number 1 in everything. The FF and the F12 is nothing but the best road and hand man cars in the world. Ferrari number one, Suck on that


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