Rare Carlsson C25 Royale in Paris

Alexsmolik also managed to capture the extremely rare Carlsson C25 Royal in Paris over the weekend. One of a planned production run of 25 cars, and with less than 5 produced to date, this is an extremely rare sighting indeed! What makes it even rarer is that this example uses a carbon fibre roof construction to reduce weight even further! It is a one-off.

The Carlsson C25 uses the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG as a base. To this, Carlsson add a variety of modifications to take the six liter V12 Biturbo engine all the way to peak power outputs of 753hp and 1150 Newton meters. 0 to 100km/h (62mph) is achieved in only 3.7 seconds and top speed is an impressive maximum speed of 352km/h (219mph). It cost around 430,000 euros and we are assuming that Carlsson still offers the package today.

It features a full carbon body which saves 100kg of body weight. Carlsson also removed the folding roof mechanism to reduce weight. It’s an interesting thing to look at. It’s definitely one of our favourite sightings too! Alex said that the sound was a little disappointing but this was a conscious choice made by the German tuner to make the car more civilised and capable of day-to-day use.

For more details on the Carlsson C25, please visit our earlier post.

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  1. So do I lol. But it wasn’t easy! I was caught off guard, and it is well known the bodyguards and owner doesn’t really like it much when people take pictures / videos of th cars. So trying to be discrete! :P

  2. Yeah, that was the big idea when it came out. They wanted a balance between road and track useability. To be honest, I think they failed with this, I also think only two were ever produced (so when I write five, its a bit of an exageration)! However, that doesn’t detract from the brilliance of seeing one on the road! Fantastic capture :)

  3. Always nice to learn more! I also think less than 5 were produced… I’ve only seen pictures of 3 different ones so far I believe. So 25 seems like a long way lol. Also, thanks for correcting the mistakes I made ;)


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