One of the most anticipated McLaren MP4-12C tuning kits is the Mansory MP4-12C, it went on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. Mansory have added their own unique brand of German tuning to the McLaren MP4-12C to create a comprehensive tuning package for the british supercar. We sent a photographer for a closer look at this opinion-dividing supercar!

Mansory have managed a 62hp power increase for the McLaren MP4-12C. This means that the 3.8 liter V8 goes from the stock 608hp to 670hp. As part of the body package Mansory developed a new ultralight bonnet and daytime driving lights for the McLaren MP4-12C. Extensive use of carbon fiber for the roof, front and rear apron, mirror housing, front splitter and rear wing reduce the cars weight even further. The wings make the supercar 60mm wider. It gets a new set of 20 inch forged wheels too.

For more details on the Mansory McLaren MP4-12C, please visit our earlier post here.

Geneva Motor Show 2012

Video Mansory McLaren MP4-12C Live in Geneva

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  1. The rear end looks revolting, although Harmann’s MP4-12C is just as obscure. Typical ugly design targeting the middle east and eastern Europe $$$

  2. Ugly,ugly,not as ugly as i thought it would be though.Its like : do they have to put at least a bit of gold in everything they make? bet their whole lab and factory is gold too…


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