A Greek entrepreneur named Leontiadis and his passenger almost lost their lifes yesterday, when the entrepreneur lost control of his Ferrari F430 sports car on the coastal highway in Vouliagmeni.

The vehicle hit a highway divider and a tree before it burned down to the ground. The combination of slippery road surface and excessive speed were the main cause of the problem.

The occupants miraculously survived and were taken to hospital. The car was recovered by the emergency services.

[Via Vimaonline.gr]


  1. Well ,it was going to happen(again)sooner or later.I live close to that highway,there are always cars speeding up on it(much more than 120km/h at times)though its a bit narrow and bumpy and wrecked etc.

    It is known to be as one of the most popular places in Athens for illegal street racing after midnight or just a show off place for cars like Bentleys,Cayenes,Range Rovers,Porsches,Ferraris,top class Audis,Mercs.Best car watching place generally.

    I recall a fatal accident on the same road a couple of years ago, when an R8 was running in the same road with exactly the same conditions hit a barrier right in the middle,splitted the car all the way to the engine,instantly killing the driver.I think the passenger died a couple of hours later in the hospital


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