According to, Land Rover is planning to debut the new 2012 Range Rover at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. This information confirms earlier reports that the Brits are working on the release of the SUV in Switzerland.

Just recap ahead of the release. The aluminium chassis used in the 2013 Range Rover will reduce the weight by a massive 500kg, resulting in a total weight of approximately 2,000kg.

The powertrain will be revised as well, consisting of an 4.4 liter V8 diesel engine which offers 320 horsepower and a eight-speed automatic gearbox with stop-start system. Thanks to these upgrades, the fuel economy will be improved just as the emissions will be reduced. The fourth generation Range Rover will also be available with a diesel powered V6 and a more impressive 5.0 liter supercharged V8. According to rumours, a hybrid is in the pipeline as well.

Geneva Motor Show 2012

The design will remain essential the same, with a few changes. LED daytime running lights will be added to the new Range Rover. The edges of the car will be rounded off and the road presence will be increased. The interior will be more spacious and full of gadgets.

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