Texas-based automotive tuning company, Hennessey Performance has set their sights on the brand new McLaren MP4-12C. Their intention is to increase the performance of the UK sports car and up the power by using their HPE800 twin turbo concept on the 12C.

The HPE800 Twin Turbo upgrade will reliably increase power to over 800bhp, according to John Hennessey. HPE will also add a more aggressive aero package to the vehicle in order to increase the downforce. The CarbonAero bodywork will incorporate a new, center-positioned frontal air inlet with hood extractor. There will also be larger heat exchangers for improved engine intercooling as well as transmission cooling.

The whole HPE800 twin turbo upgrade will include an upgraded intercooler system, an upgraded air intake system, upgraded ball-bearing turbochargers, Hennessey titanium exhaust system, external wastegates, external blow-off valves, upgraded fuel and engine management system, upgraded transmission cooler, upgraded transmission clutch system, custom dyno-tuned engine calibration and of course the Hennessey warranty.

Additional upgrades include the Hennessey CarbonAero body upgrade, Hennessey Monoblock wheels, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, and a Hennessey custom interior including carbon fiber, Alcantara and leather upgrades upon the customer’s request.

HPE does not plan to offer any kind of a suspension or brake system upgrade as the factory systems will be difficult to improve upon. The company plans to offer the upgrades listed above as an entire package as well as some individual parts. These items will be available directly from HPE facilities located in Texas and Southern California. Pricing has not yet been set.

Official Hennessey HPE800 Twin Turbo Upgrade for McLaren MP4-12C 01

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