GTspirit was recently welcomed into the world of Kourosh Mansory, the owner and namesake of Mansory, the company based in Brand, Germany. The winner of the GTspirit Tuner of the Year Award 2010, Mansory offers more to the eye than many of our readers may know. The visit at the German company gave us the opportunity to show to you what the world of Mansory holds.

Founded in 1989, the company established its position in the automotive world by focusing on brands like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati and Ferrari following the passion of its owner Kourosh. His enthusiasm led him to spend many years in England and to personally commit himself to such automobile values as tradition, craftsmanship and well-engineered technology. By mid-2001, the company had moved from Munich to the Fichtelgebirge. Its new location in Brand is in the vicinity of Bayreuth, which is famous for its Wagner Festival.

In 2007, the German company took over the business of Swiss tuner Rinspeed AG. The Porsche division of the tuner extended Mansory’s product portfolio and its Swiss headquarters stayed in Zumikon at Lake Zurich. The newly established company Mansory Switzerland offered Kourosh Mansory the ability to expand the brand portfolio not only with Porsche, but also with BMW and Range Rover. Over the past year, Mansory added Audi to their lineup when they released the program for the Audi R8 Spyder.

Factory Visit Mansory Headquarters 01

With the headquarters in Brand, Mansory’s own carbon fiber production facilities are based in Czech Republic, a mere 80km away. Only a few people know that Mansory is not only a tuning specialist focused on luxury and supercars, but also an experienced carbon fiber parts manufacturer.

Mansory supplies various companies in the automotive industry with carbon fiber parts. One example is Lotus. Both companies released their first factory-approved customization and personalisation program for the Lotus Evora at the 2011 Geneva Auto Salon. Their cooperation continued with the development and production of the Lotus Evora GTE for the Asian market. During our visit, production was in full swing with parts coming in from the Czech Republic and a number of Lotus Evora cars being rebuild to GTE specification.

The production area features a large number of assembly bays and a full size spray cabinet where staff paint models in special-order colors or spray the clear coating when it comes to carbon fiber models. A new side project – revealed at the 2011 IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt – are Mansory golf carts. At the Geneva Motor Show in March they will surprise the world with a follow-up within this project group and something completely new.

Factory Visit Mansory Headquarters 02

The basis of the Mansory technology programme is dynamically striking, extravagant and noble designs on both the outside and the inside. Extravagant body kits and flashy color combinations are a trademark of the company. For some, the kits are a step to far and often characterised as too much, but in the end Mansory has definitely left its mark in this market of highly exclusive tuning and they are not planning on leaving.

Today Mansory employs more than 70 members of staff and fulfills nearly every automobile dream of its exclusive clientele. In Germany, Switzerland and via selected sales partners all over the world, their clientele can opt for any type of request and they do! Mansory creations are spotted on a regular basis around the world and showcase the extent to which Kourosh Mansory’s passion has found its way into the automotive world.

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  1. How do you mean? We were not allowed to shoot pictures of everything inside the factory. We were only allowed to give an impression and did you ever see the inside of the Mansory workshop? ;-)

  2. Yup there were more cars in the workshop, but we were not allowed to shoot them unfortunately. We have to take into account that not everything is available to share with the world.


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