PG and Düsseldorf-based automobile designer Michael Fröhlich presented the PG Elektrus in Berlin, another electric Lotus Elise and competitor to the Tesla Roadster. Michael Fröhlich will start production of the electric roadster based on sports car models by British racing car company Lotus in his small manufactory in Düsseldorf starting in 2012.

The use of glass-fiber reinforced plastics makes the vehicle lightweight. Depending on individual driving styles, the batteries’ range is up to 350 kilometers. The battery can be recharged using charging stations and a special solar power panel mounted to the vehicle’s rear which permanently collects solar energy.

Drivers who favor a sporty and active driving style have a choice of switching back and forth between an automatic transmission and stick shift while driving. They can even get to pick between a full-bodied V8 sound and a racy Formula-One sound thanks to a build-in sound system. The PG Elektrus passes the 100km/h in under three seconds and achieves top speeds of up to 300km/h.

Thanks to its modular design, the PG Elektrus can be customized without limitations and designed to meet every customer’s individual needs and requirements, according to the car maker.


  1. According to other articles, the body is made of carbon fiber, but in your article, you call it glass reinforced plastic. Which is correct? Can you provide source material for you article?


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